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Why Should You Recycle Your Trash

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Why is it important to separate mountain waste from garbage? Why should I care? It is simple really, we have a limited amount of earths capable of providing food for us and thus, we are relying on other countries for our food supply. Most of what ends up in the garbage can is used stuff such as plastic soda bottles, paper, aluminum cans, etc., but did you know that you can compost some of this junk and make use of the compost to create your own fertilizer?

Why Single Stream Recycling And Waste Removal Are Important ?

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The first question is why single stream recycling and waste removal are important, because in my community, there is very little recycling going on, because people just throw whatever they can find wherever they go. This includes plastics. Many cities have a ‘throw it in the bin’ initiative and even schools will do this as well. If everyone just threw their trash in the garbage can, then by the time you get your trash collection truck to the curb with all the mountain waste, it would take 400 trucks to get rid of all the trash in my community.

So what do you do with mountain waste and recycling? You do not have a choice because mountain residents have been doing this for years. They have created large compost piles near the roads, so that all the waste is collected there and then. Once this is done, all the recyclables are separated out and taken to the appropriate recycling facility for sorting and processing.

Other Alternatives To Look For

Another alternative is to haul all the trash away yourself, however this is a huge job that requires at least two full days to accomplish. It also costs money, because if you hire a mountain waste and recycling service, they will haul all the trash for you. Not only does it cost money to pay someone else to do it, but if it ever happens that they are not able to do the job, they are not paid for it. The recycling service will also pay someone to pick up the trash in your neighborhood once the work is completed. This will save you money by allowing you to not have to worry about doing it yourself.

What Are Your Options When It Comes To Recycling In Pitkin County?


 The first option that is often made available to individuals like yourself, is the single stream recycling program. This program works well for most residences because the recyclables are all sent to one location, the recycling service. This makes the work simple. All you have to do is post a January with the date that the program began, and that the single stream recycling is now in effect.

Another option available is the roaring fork system. This method is usually only implemented in Pitkin County and is quite effective for most residences. Basically, when the recycling service trucks show up at your home, you simply have to sign in and let them know that you would like your trash to be picked up from your residence. Then, they drive right over to your home, and the roaring fork goes to work. This will collect your trash and dispose of it properly before taking it to the recycling service.


In addition, the mountain waste and recycling centers will take away your trash, as well as recycle the waste for you. You can do this by sending in your empty containers to these services. However, in order to recycle all of your trash, you will also need to place them in your community recycling center. If you send your refuse to the mountain waste and recycling center, you will be responsible for disposing of it correctly.

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