Some Interesting Glass Recycling Facts For A Better World - Some Interesting Glass Recycling Facts For A Better World -

Some Interesting Glass Recycling Facts For A Better World

Glass Recycling Facts

Glass is 100% recyclable and this can be done endless times without losing the quality or purity. Most food and beverage options cannot claim this and are special to glass. There are many uses for glass and if properly recycled can make it effective and convenient for use. Plastics are very harmful to health and cannot be recycled. Glass is a material that we can depend upon for a long time. 

The Glass Container Recycling Loop

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The first step is to bring the recyclables into the local recycling drop off locations. All these recyclables are collected and delivered to a material recovery facility. From these, the glass materials are sent to a glass recycling company. These glasses are sorted by color, and the recycled glass is sold to a glass container manufacturer and made into new bottles and jars. 

Important Glass Recycling Facts

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Glass can be recycled with a hundred percent precision and it can be done without losing purity or quality. About 95% of raw materials can be replaced using glass. Recycled glass containers are highly demanded in the market as there is scope for enhanced use. 

More Glass Recycling Facts

Some recycled glass containers are not able to be used in designing new glass bottles as they cannot meet the size requirements of the manufacturer or there may not be a market for glass recycling. In such cases, they are used for glass products of non-container nature. There are several uses for this con-container glass product in the market. 

Benefits of Glass Recycling

There are several advantages to recycled glass. Emission and consumption of raw materials can be reduced with recycled glass. The recycled glass extends the life of the plant equipment such as furnaces and energy savings are also the benefits of it. Recycle glass benefits the environment in several ways, since they can be replaced with plastic containers that are very harmful to the environment. 

The Need For Glass Recycling

There is a high need for glass recycling. Glass can be recycled without losing the purity and can be a remedy to the many threats the environment faces. Plastic and other materials are harmful to the environment and cause pollution. It is in this case that the need for glass recycling takes prominence. If we can substitute plastic and other harmful materials with glass, it can be a great move forward. 


Glass recycling is highly advantageous as it provides many benefits and solutions to the problems that the world faces. Glass recycling facts are a roadmap to the possibilities that recycling of glass can provide. We need to use more glass and avoid plastics and other harmful materials. What we use today will become the trend of tomorrow and we need to make the world a better place to live in. 

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