Recycling Glass Process - Keeping Your Environment Healthy -

Recycling Glass Process – Keeping Your Environment Healthy

recycling glass process

One of the largest production industries is glass. It can be molded into different products that are then used by the world. The recycling glass process isn’t very complex and now industries have started focusing on that as well. Everyone uses glass in their homes. From windows to doors, and crockeries to mirrors, glass is used almost everywhere. Just like the other materials, even the glass that is used on a daily basis can be put into the recycling bin. However, before doing this, one needs to understand the process. Glass recycling is the process using which glass materials are recycled to make new glass products. This content is about the recycling glass process and how it is done while ensuring the safety of everyone involved. 

Type Of Glass That Can Be Recycled 

Everyone has heard that they can recycle glasses using the recycling glass process. However, the chances of people knowing that not all glasses can be recycled are very negligible. It is okay for people to know this for the first time so that they can wisely decide which glasses they should put in the recycling bin. Almost every type of glasses used in the kitchen can be recycled. All the glasses in the kitchen that have a recycle logo on them can be recycled. If the items do not have the logo, then they should not be put into the recycling bin. 

Types of Glass that Cannot Be Recycled

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After knowing about the glasses that can be recycled, one should also know the types of glasses that cannot go through the recycling glass process. One cannot recycle ceramic glass. Decorative glasses cannot be recycled as well. This means that every type of glass in which special additives were added for decorating purposes cannot be recycled. 

How to Recycle? 

The recycling glass process starts with disposing of the glass into the recycle bin. It is then followed by collection and inspection. After inspection, glasses are sorted and then they go through a process where they are broken into tiny particles. It then goes through a process called trommel which is the process of sorting glasses according to their sizes. The clean and dried glasses are then screened and the ones that cannot fit into the rotary screen are taken to the pulverizer where they are again broken. After this, they are again sent to the rotary screens, and hence, the recycling process begins where they are molded into glass containers, fiberglass, etc. 


The recycling glass process isn’t as complex as it looks. It is beneficial to recycle the glasses. They save energy and bring a reduction in pollution level. However, not every glass can be recycled so before putting the glass into the recycle bin, one needs to analyze it. Only the glasses that can be recycled should be put into the bin. It is time that we start learning about the idea of recycling because we are no longer in the state to just understand segregation. We have to understand which can be recycled and if it is possible for us to contribute to the process.

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