Recycling Electronics Facts How Apple Gets Eco-Friendly -

Recycling Electronics Facts How Apple Gets Eco-Friendly

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Ever wonder what’s in recycling electronics? Ever wonder if you should even bother going into a recycling center and recycling all those electronic devices? You don’t have to waste your precious time, money, and the environment by not having this information. The information in this article will show you exactly what goes into recycling electronics and why it’s better to leave them there. Read on to learn more.

Did You Know?

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Did you know that electronics companies can get cash incentives from the government if they recycle iPhones? Did you also know that Samsung pays $5 for every piece of the cell phone they dispose of? Did you know that Apple is donating all of their old mobile phones and promoting VOIP usage (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to replace the need for landlines? If these facts aren’t enough for you to save the environment, I don’t know what would.

Newest Model Of The Iphone

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What about the newest model of the iPhone, which has almost double the memory of its predecessors? This high-tech gadget was considered too “rare” to be sold in the U.S. by Apple, so they bought it wholesale online and rebranded it as the iPhone. They marketed it heavily to teens, and eventually, Verizon took over the rights and changed the operating system to allow the “Gmail” function. Verizon also bought the stake of AOL and Microsoft when they merged. The only good thing about this whole event is that now the pineapple is free. A software update decreased performance on the Facebook application, but the rest is history.

Facebook Buy-Out

Before the Facebook buy-out, Microsoft and AOL were already trying to position the new Apple mobile device as an entertainment system that had everything you’d want in one place. After the deal, it seems as though Microsoft and AOL will be moving their focus back to the games and social networking aspects of the Facebook OS X platform. Their decision to release the Facebook app without an operating system update was an odd move given the long-rumored desire for an Apple iPod app and the rumors of an i-Reader.

The Biggest Change

Perhaps the biggest change that Apple made when it entered the smartphone world is that they are no longer manufacturing any of its hardware. Instead, they chose to partner with Google and others to produce the open-source Android operating system for phones and tablets. This move, though, did not stop Apple from producing its hardware. They released the iPad and iPhone in the market despite the government’s objections because they felt it was a private company that should be free to make its own decisions.

The iPad

The iPad, with its incredible touch screen capabilities, has proved to be a huge success. The tablet’s success has led to huge growth in sales of Apple’s older iPods and smartphones, as well as the iPhone itself. The demand for these devices is so great that some retailers have reported a shortage of them. It has been reported that some Apple Stores have resorted to placing iPads on sale outside the store. The company has even resorted to allowing customers to purchase second-hand iPods from third-party outlets for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Most Recent Addition

The third most recent addition to the Apple family is the i-Series, which is aimed at a low price and multimedia features. The device has a touch screen and can hold up to eight thousand songs and many media such as movies, videos, and music. As with the iPad, the I Series was designed to allow third parties to develop applications compatible with its hardware and software. The third-party developer can make changes to the existing software and create an entirely new experience for the consumer. Still, the only way that Apple will know how to implement this is by releasing the I Series themselves and allowing third parties to update the existing apps.

Summing Up

Apple’s desire to control the distribution of its products shows in its willingness to enter into licensing agreements with various entities. Whether it is with creating their app store or entering into licensing agreements with other companies, the company has shown a willingness to become more environmentally friendly. By releasing these programs through the app store, they have also demonstrated that they care enough about their users to think of them as individuals who need to be entertained. Perhaps this is why the company has chosen to enter into these licensing agreements with Facebook and Trip Advisor entities.

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