Know About Garbage Disposal – The Key Component In Every Kitchen

garbage disposal

Almost everybody these days has come to depend largely on garbage disposals as they are known to be the workhorse of the kitchen. John Hammes invented garbage disposals in 1972 that have been consistent in their design but are now more used in the kitchens, making the garbage disposals a useful appliance in the kitchen. Below, you will be able to know in detail about its working, troubleshoot problems, etc. 

Working Of A Garbage Disposal

Being mounted on the underside of the sink, the garbage disposal is designed mainly to gather all the solid food waste in its grinding chamber. When you start the garbage disposal, the spinning disc that it possesses eventually turns rapidly, forcing the food waste against the outer wall of the garbage disposal’s grinding chamber. This converts the food into tiny bits that laters get washed by the water coming through the holes inside the chamber wall. Disposals also possess two blunt metal teeth called impellers installed on the impeller plate that do not possess sharp blades. 

Things To Not Put Ever In A Garbage Disposal

From your normal garbage can, this garbage disposal is way different. You cannot throw all the food scraps or liquids directly into your disposal. In order to prevent the disposal jams and clogs, it is essential to learn about what foods should be left for the trash and what garbage disposal should be mainly used for. Generally, avoid putting tough or fibrous food scraps, oils, potato peels, pits, grease, and another sort of hard objects. 

Methods Of Choosing The Right Garbage Disposal

Making a selection of garbage disposal could be as simple or detailed as you want it to be. Go ahead to the local appliance store or the local home store where you can pick up a standard garbage disposal model that could just serve your needs finely. On the contrary, you can also research some of the additional features available in garbage disposals, like fancy stainless steel grinding chambers, extra sound reduction insulation, or a model containing the right bells and whistles. 

Installation Of Garbage Disposal

It is easy to install garbage disposal as it asks for just basic plumbing and electrical wiring skills. Many homeowners can easily install a new garbage disposal in a set of hew hours. 

Removal Of Garbage Disposal

It is necessary to remove garbage disposal if your sink fails or plan to replace a sink. With different garbage disposal models, you can easily release the motor unit from the sink section and keep it aside to normally simplify the rest of removal and disassembly. 


Every situation is different, therefore if you have been in search of garbage disposals, then try to pay some close attention to the outlets, the power supply, along with other specific details of your kitchen and sink set up. All such details will help you determine what kind of garbage disposal you might need and how simple the process of installation and repairs is. 

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