How Does The Plastic Bag Recycling Process Work

plastic bag recycling process

Have you ever wondered how the plastic bag recycling process works? Many people have, some of them are very knowledgeable and some of them are not. It is interesting to see how this recycling system works. Plastic bags are made from a mixture of petroleum-based plastic. They are then melted down until they become thick enough to be what we know today as plastic bags.

Ways To Recycle Plastic

Plastic Bag

There are three ways that the plastic bags go through the plastic bag recycling process. The first way is through the heat bath method, where the heated water is poured over the plastics and thus creating a chemical reaction that changes the plastics into a liquid state. This second process involves the use of an ionizing bath. These are places where chemicals react with each other in order to create the plastics into a gas.

The last way that the plastic bag recycling process works is through a cold water rinse. When this is done, it changes the plastics into a gas once again. The last way that the recycled plastic bags go through the process is through an autoclave. This device heats the plastics to a temperature that it will take to destroy any of the unwanted materials such as dyes, metals, or greases.

Polypropylene Or PP Plastics.

Plastic Bag

The plastics that go through this recycling process are known as polypropylene or PP plastics. These are also known as blue bottle caps or polythene bags. The reason that these polypropylene bags are referred to as blue bottles is because they are generally used for food packaging. These polypropylene bags are also made from pellets. Pellets are a byproduct of the manufacturing process for cotton.

The main benefit of the bag recycling process is that it can help reduce landfill waste. This is because with each plastic bag that is recycled, another can be reused. The number of recycled plastics goes so high that some places are being forced to create recycling bins in order to help conserve natural resources. In most areas, recycling bins are installed at retailers and other businesses, as well as at large homes and offices.

Amount Of Plastic Bags Recycled Per Year

The amount of plastic bags that are recycled every year is quite staggering. One estimate states that around 20% of all plastics that are disposed of in our landfills are recycled. The recycling process itself is not very difficult to understand. It just requires certain equipment such as roll lids, trays and other items.

First, the plastic is placed in a roller tray. The plastic will be mixed with an enzyme, which breaks down the plastics into simpler compounds such as starch and water. Next, the starch is separated from the water using an electric current. Once the material is ready, it is washed, dried and re-washed until it is ready for it’s next use. This entire process takes about six to seven hours in total.

Final Words

A great way to help out is to buy your groceries at a grocery store that uses a single-use bag versus paper bags. By doing this you help to conserve energy and water, and you help to preserve our precious natural resources. The goal is to have zero landfill waste, so your efforts will go a long way. It would also be a good idea to buy reusable bags that can be used on multiple purchases rather than single-use ones. This way you will go a long way to helping reduce the amount of plastic bag waste that we produce in the United States.

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