Do It Yourself Recycling - Do it Yourself Recycling

Do It Yourself Recycling

Do it Yourself Recycling

Recycling is a process of using disposable items into something usable. It can be done by using the material itself or taking some elements of the material or by addition to other materials. There are many remarkable “do it yourself” recycling ideas to stop you from tossing seemingly useless items into a trash can.

Why Do It Yourself Recycling?

Recycling is not an option but a must for every citizen of the world. With ever-increasing landfills and resultant ill effects, we all must make a conscious effort to nullify its impact. Clean air, unsullied habitats, and pure water is our lifeline; hence we must preserve them in these days of increased pollution in every front.

Do it yourself recycling can help you save cost, earn money, and also be engaged in creative fun. Here are some of the things you can reutilize before thinking of tossing them away :

Plastic Bottles And Containers

Plastics, in every shape and size, surround us in one form or another. When empty, we are eager to put them in the garbage bin. But wait, not yet! If you have been tossing them earlier, you are throwing away something precious.

The bottom of a plastic bottle comes in the shape of a flower. Carefully cut those bottoms and use them for many decorative creations. You can turn them into curtains, chandeliers, napkin rings, durable purse, bottle vase, bouquet lamps, flower paint stamp, multiple bases for stands for small items, and so on.

You can make a planter out of a plastic bottle. Cut the bottom third of a 2-liter plastic bottle and carve some design on the upper portion. Paint them and fill them with soil and seed for an awesome planter. Furthermore, a large and impressive vertical garden can be installed with simple steps of fixing them with the help of ropes attached to a wall.

Undoubtedly, as the number of plastic containers has increased, creative people have come up with as many ways to recycle them. From airplane toys to shampoo bottles, lamps, brooms, water filters, detergent containers, charging dock, piggy bank, garden scooper, snack storage, and innumerable other daily use items have been carved out from the ready to dispose of humble plastic containers.


Recycling those metal containers can provide you with a variety of durable and sturdy day to day use items. Attach those self-painted tin cans with a serviette holder and add a handle recycled from old bags or clothes to make a cute cutlery holder. You can paint an old metal bucket and hang it upside down for a delightful lamp. Planters can also be made to your desired size. Soft drinks and soda tin cans can be turned into lamps and pencil holders. Other larger metal from worn out parts of a vehicle and washing machines can be turned into cool furniture items.


Do It Yourself Recycling

Those disposable glass bottles and containers can be used in many creative ways, as listed in plastic recycling ideas. You can turn them into a hanging vase, chandelier, lamps, bird feeder, terrarium, and into anything purposeful. Bottom of wine bottles to serving plates can be used in making beautiful glass windows, doors, panels, and tabletops. With some creativity, they can be made into a piece of art.

Clothes And Fabrics

All clothing items do not fit into our donation list when they are too worn out. But you don’t have to throw away those worn-out curtains or unwearable clothes. With a little tailoring idea, revamp your wardrobe by turning those t-shirts into a workout top and an off-shoulder top. Make a picnic quilt holder, purse, bracelet, apron, and baskets from your pair of worn-out jeans. Other fabric items can be made into quilts and multipurpose bags. Like any organic materials, natural clothes can be used for composting.


Save Earth
Do It Yourself Recycling

You will find abundant do it yourself for plastic bottles and rightfully so because, at the rate of current disposal, it is estimated that by 2025 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This is enough indication of why we must ponder before walking ignorantly towards a trash bin. By being conscious and creative, you can add less to landfills while producing something of value as well.

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