Cool Recycling Facts That the Government Just Made Available For Us -

Cool Recycling Facts That the Government Just Made Available For Us

cool recycling facts

What’s all this ‘green’ recycling stuff about? Recycling is an issue that has become more relevant as the effects of environmental warming become more apparent. So many things can be done on an individual level to help conserve our resources and avoid being a part of climate change. Some are small things such as recycling household items and using cloth napkins instead of plastic coverings in the washing machine. But other efforts such as turning your car into a power-efficient, low emission vehicle are making heads turn all over the world.

Cardboard Collected For Recycling

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As for the cool recycling facts, they’re impressive. They represent an adequate recycling record as 70% of all cardboard collected for recycling is reused, making it the second-most prolific resource of scrap paper worldwide. This is significant because 90% of worldwide shipments in the recycling category are sent in corrugated bins, which amounts to 400 billion square feet of unprocessed cardboard. So that begs the question, what happens to all those cardboard strips? Well, surprisingly, they’re left sitting there in landfills all over the world. In fact, in some areas across the European countries, up to three tons of cardboard may be thrown out every day.

Biodegradable Plastics From Old Bottles

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Okay, so let’s talk about some of the recycling facts from a different angle. For one thing, did you know that some manufacturers are now making biodegradable plastics from old bottles? How does that work? The plastics are broken down, then soaked in an acid solution that makes them degrade over time. As the old bottles degrade, their components are soaked up by the acid and recycled as new bottles are produced. These new ones end up being more biodegradable than the originals since they have broken down more slowly.

The United States And Recycling

Did you know that the United States is now the leading nation when it comes to recycling? The EPA determined this, which ranked the US behind France and Italy as the top five recyclers in the world. However, the US only came in at number six. Now according to these numbers, the US is doing pretty well when it comes to recycling. Another remarkable recycling fact is that the United States is now the leading nation for landfills. That was determined by the EPA, which placed the US ahead of Italy and France. At present, the US is producing more energy than any other country in the entire world. The US is producing more natural gas than Saudi Arabia, oil equivalent to a third of the world’s oil and enough to power three American cities the size of Kansas.

Energy Recovery Efficiency Of New Construction

The following remarkable recycling fact is that the energy recovery efficiency of new construction is now getting better. This means that the US is now getting more energy from their landfills than before. Also, according to these new facts, there is now more energy recovery in non-conventional energy than conventional sources. Now you might be wondering what this means exactly? According to some environmental groups, non-conventional energy recovery technologies include biomass burning, energy recovery fuels, non-petroleum-based coatings, and energy recovery systems.

Money Saved On Landfills

One more remarkable fact that the EPA just released is the amount of money saved on landfills every year. Now, if you are unfamiliar with these facts, then let me fill you in. Landfills are filling up at an alarming rate around the country, and they are in no end. If we continue to burn our waste in our landfills, we are headed for major problems down the road. The amount of non-biodegradable waste that goes into a landfill goes up every year. Over two billion tons of solid waste have been added to America’s already overflowing landfills in the last decade.

Summing Up

Now, the amount of non-biodegradable waste per year is at an all-time high, and it is only going to worsen in the years to come. As you can see, the United States is quickly becoming one of the world leaders in recycling. It is estimated that over two million tons of plastics will be added to America’s trash dump in the coming decade. If you want to have a happier planet and fewer plastic bottles in your home, then take a few minutes to view the astonishing recycling statistics for the United States.

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